ross grady

Ross Grady

Email: ross (at)
Social Web: <any site>/rossgrady

I live in Durham, NC, where I sit at home and design analogue synthesizers. I'm most active on Twitter but can also be found at various other predictable places, generally with the username rossgrady. If you're interested in my work life, it's documented in my resume.

A personal website seems as good a place as any to store things like the link to an article about me from that time the Indy gave me an award. Oh yeah, and my blog, which would mostly mirror my Instagram feed, if IFTTT weren't a total PITA.

I'm updating this a couple of days after Elon Musk bought Twitter, so even though the rule of thumb above re: my social username holds true, it seems apropos to provide a list of where I can be found: